Event Archive

2013 Annual Meeting

Date:September 28th-29th, 2013
Location:Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain, Tucson, AZ
Speakers: Dr. Peter Socrates Creticos, M.D., John Hopkins University School of Medicine, “Sublingual Immunotherapy: Latest Clinical Finds from U.S. and European Clinical Trials” and “SLIT: Choice of Allergens / Dosage Considerations / Length of Treatment / Comparative Studies vs. SLIT”
Officers: David Friedman, President
Michael Saavedra, Vice President
Heather Cassell, Secretary-Treasurer
Earl Labovitz, Past President

2012 Annual Meeting

Date:September 22nd-23rd, 2012
Location: Hilton Sedona Resort & Spa, Sedona, AZ
Speakers:Dr. Richard Martin, National Jewish, “Asthma” and Dr. Philip Leiberman, University of Tennessee Medical Center, “Anaphylaxis”
Officers: Earl Labovitz, President
David Friedman, Vice President
Michael Saavedra, Secretary-Treasurer
Aaron Davis, Past President

2011 Annual Meeting

Date:September 24th-25th, 2011
Location:Doubletree Paradise Valley Resort, Scottsdale, AZ
Speaker:Stephen P. Peters, M.D., PhD, Professor of Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and Translational Science and Associate Director of the Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine Research, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, “Optimizing Asthma Care: Application Guidelines for Diagnosis and Management”
Officers: Aaron Davis, President
Earl Labovitz, Vice President
David Friedman, Secretary-Treasurer
Amy Wagelie-Steffen, Past President

2010 Annual Meeting

Date:October 2nd-3rdth, 2010
Location: Tanque Verde Ranch, Tucson, AZ
Speaker: Allen Kaplan, M.D., , “Pathophysiology and Treatment of Hereditary Angioedema” and “Ask the Expert – Tough Urticaria and Angioedema Cases”
Officers: Amy Wagelie-Steffen, President
Aaron Davis, Vice President
Earl Labovitz, Secretary-Treasurer
Miriam Anand, Past President

2009 Annual Meeting

Dates: September 12th-13th, 2009
Location: Radisson Poco Diablo Resort, Sedona, AZ
Speaker: Seema Aceves, M.D., PhD., Division of Allergy and Immunology, Children’s Hospital, San Diego, CA “Eosinophilic Esophagitis: Pathogenesis and Treatment of a New Allergic Disease” and “Patch Testing: How To Do It and What Does It Mean?
Officers: Miriam Anand, President
Amy Wagelie-Steffen, Vice President
Aaron Davis, Secretary-Treasurer
Jay Grossman, M.D., Past President